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Anyone with ties to the water understands the attraction to the sea.

Whether you long for catching the prevailing winds on a beam reach off Newport or chasing bluefin tuna when they run off Block Island, we all long to return to the water. 

If the sea permeates everything you do, it’s only natural that it be reflected in your clothing. 

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Belts that Bring You Back to the Sea

If you have fond memories of the ocean, no matter where you are, these belts bring you back there. Whether you’re facing a long day at the office or waiting for the long, cold winter to pass, a rope belt from Montauk Outfitters can help bring you back to the sea. 

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Belt Size Chart
Size XS M L
Waist (inches) 27"- 29" 30"- 32" 33"- 35" 36"- 38"
We recommend adding 2 inches to your pant size to obtain the best belt fit size possible.  For example, if your pant size is 28 inches, your Montauk Outfitter's belt size would be 30 and you should order a size small.