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The Shagwong Nautical Rope Belt

Size Guide
Belt Size Chart
Size XS M L
Waist (inches) 27"- 29" 30"- 32" 33"- 35" 36"- 38"
We recommend adding 2 inches to your pant size to obtain the best belt fit size possible.  For example, if your pant size is 28 inches, your Montauk Outfitter's belt size would be 30 and you should order a size small. 
  • Our nautical rope belts are a nod to the strong ties we have sailing and fishing off Montauk. Handcrafted with authentic ⅝ performance sailing line, these nautical rope belts have a full-grain leather trim and are finished with a solid brass buckle. Our belts embody a classic style highlighted by American sailing tradition.

    Proudly made in the USA

    Color: White with Blue Accents

  • Growing up on the water allowed us a few freedoms, including taking the family fishing boat out by ourselves.  After passing our Dad's check out ride, we were given the keys and allowed out as far as the old R7 Shagwong bouy.  The fishing was hit or miss, but the opportunity to be out on our own adventure was priceless.  The excitement of advancing the throttles leaving the harbor is still alive inside us today and is the reason we chose to start our own company.  Made out of 5/8 sailing line, finished with genuine leather and a brass buckle, this belt is proudly made in the USA.

White w/ Blue Trim

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