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The Culloden Nautical Rope Belt

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  • Our nautical rope belts are a nod to the strong ties we have sailing and fishing off Montauk. Handcrafted with authentic ⅝ performance sailing line, these nautical rope belts have full-grain leather trim and are finished with a solid brass buckle. Our belts embody a classic style highlighted by American sailing tradition.

    Proudly made in the USA

    Color: White with Green Accents

  • Head into any fishing bar around town and you might hear an old story or two about the days of prohibition and Montauk's contribution to the necessity for booze it created. Celebrating a time when Montauk fishermen moonlighted by running their boats out east to pick up the night's catch of liquor, our Rum Runner belt draws its inspiration from the American spirit and love of freedom that fueled these men's ambitions.

White w/ Green Trim


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